Uni-Lok® Hydraulic Quick Coupler

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Uni-Lok® is a double-locking hydraulic quick hitch and the result of a long and thorough research and design process. The unique safety features, such as the highly visible safety indicator give you complete peace of mind. Easy to fit, easy to maintain and simple to operate, you can even change attachments hands-free whilst controlling the excavator.  The Uni-Lok is also available as a Tilt Coupler.  Combining a full 180 degree movement with class-leading torque gives you a high performance hydraulic hitch made to handle the most demanding jobs. Call us for more information.

Changing your machine?

No problem! Harford can make you a hybrid Uni-Lok to fit your new machine and pick up your old buckets – simple!

The solution in summary:

  • Uni-Lok is Double locking, hydraulic quick hitch solution
  • It has a highly visible built-in safety indicator, giving you peace of mind.
  • Uni-Lok is simple to fit and easy to maintain.
  • We supply a bespoke fitting kit and offer a complete fitting service, just call us for details.
  • Attachments can be changed hands-free
  • Available for all machines ¾ to 8 tonnes
  • Uni-Lok hybrids enable you to mix and match your buckets, just call us for more information.

Fits to your machine in minutes

Simple bucket changes save you time and money

Unique safety features for complete peace of mind

Full fitting service available

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