Safelock - Dedicated Coupler

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The Harford Safelock® dedicated coupler is the unbeatable choice for running a mixed fleet of excavators. It is safe, easy to operate, low maintenance and its built-in safety indicator gives you complete peace of mind that your buckets are securely attached.

Why not try a Harford Pro-Lock Tilt Coupler? The full 180 degree movement and class-leading torque combine to produce an outstanding, quality quick hitch made to meet today’s challenging applications.

Pair this with a Scandinavian-Style bucket and you have the perfect combination for grading jobs requiring accuracy and a quality finish eg. cycle tracks, swimming pools, golf courses – the list goes on.  Call us for more information.

Make sure your buckets are secure

Because Safelock is a dedicated quick hitch system, your buckets stay with your machine. Why not combine Safelock with our Hook Buckets? They hook onto your ditching or grading bucket, so you can move all your attachments around site in one go. Read our latest blog about how Safelock keeps you safe and secure.

Safelock in Summary:

  • Safelock is Simple and completely Safe to use
  • Unbeatable for Hire applications.
  • Very low maintenance and no tools or safety pin required.
  • Safelock Adaptor Plates enable a hammer or auger to be attached to your machine, with no fuss.
  • Available for all machines ¾ to 8 tonnes.
  • Tilt Coupler Option available.  Call us for more details

Dramatically reduces bucket changeover times

Quick to fit and very low maintenance

No compromise on digging geometry and breakout force

Flexible and easy to use

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