Pro-Lok® Manual Quick Coupler

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Pro-Lok® is a top quality manual quick hitch in a class of its own. Its unique double-locking technology and safety indicator give the operator complete peace of mind. Simple to attach, simple to maintain and no safety-pin required. This manual quick coupler will outperform and outlast any spring-type equivalent. Why not try a Pro-Lock Tilt Coupler? The full 180 degree movement and class-leading torque combine to produce an outstanding, quality quick hitch made to meet today’s challenging applications.

Changing your machine?

No problem! We have the solution. Harford can make you a hybrid Pro-Lok, which will fit your new machine and pick up your old buckets – simple!

The Solution in Summary:

  • Pro-Lok is Double locking and does not require a safety pin.
  • It has a highly visible Safety Indicator for complete peace of mind
  • Pro-Lok is easy to attach, easy to maintin & very user-friendly
  • It has Automatic Wear Compensation
  • Available for all machines 3/4 to 8 tonnes
  • Pro-Lok Hybrids enable you to mix and match your buckets, just call us for more information.
  • Available for all machines ¾ to 8 tonnes.

Fits to your machine in minutes

Simple bucket changes save you time and money

Safety features exceed all current standards

Unique double-locking technology out-performs spring-locking hitches

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