Pro-Lok® Mechanical Quick Coupler

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Pro-Lok® is a class leading, safe, mechanical quick coupler with double-locking technology and built-in safety features putting operator safety at the forefront. Simple to attach, easy to operate and low maintainance. This manual quick hitch picks up all your standard buckets and will outperform and outlive any spring-type equivalent many times over. Don’t take our word for it, see what our customers say.  If you’d prefer a hydraulic option, take a look at the Harford Uni-Lok which incorporates all the safety and quality features associated with Harford and a one or two switch control option from the cab.

Why not try a Harford Pro-Lock Tilt Coupler? The full 180 degree movement and class-leading torque combine to produce an outstanding, quality quick hitch made to meet today’s challenging applications. Pair this with a Scandinavian-Style bucket and you have the perfect combination for grading jobs requiring accuracy and a quality finish eg. cycle tracks, swimming pools, golf courses – the list goes on.  Call us for more information.

Changing your machine type?

No problem! We have a simple solution. Harford manufacture hybrid hitches to fit your new machine and pick up your old buckets – simple solution to a complex problem!

The Solution in Summary:

  • Pro-Lok is a Safe, Double-Locking, Mechanical coupler, designed with Operator Safety at the top of the list.
  • It has a highly visible Safety Indicator for Operator peace of mind and its wedge locking design means no safety-pin is required
  • Pro-Lok is easy to attach, easy to maintain and built to outlast spring-type equivalents many times over.
  • It has Automatic Wear Compensation
  • Available for all machines 3/4 to 8 metric tonnes
  • Pro-Lok Hybrid couplers enable you to mix and match your buckets. A simple solution to a complex problem, just call us for more information.

Fits to your machine in minutes

Simple bucket changes save you time and money

Safety features exceed all current standards

Unique double-locking technology out-performs spring-locking hitches

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