Hydraulic Thumbs

The Harford hydraulic thumb is an attachment which can take your material handling operations and your machine’s versatility to the next level.

With a strong, serrated edge as standard, even the most awkward objects can be easily secured and accurately moved inone simple sequence, without impacting on normal excavating capabilities.

Available for all brands and models of excavators from 0.75 – 9T, with two specification options to choose from. Designed and manufactured in-house at our dedicated production facility in Norwich, Norfolk using premium grade materials and the latest in production technologies.

All of our hydraulic thumbs have been developed to provide industry leading performance and durability for our customers. They also offer guaranteed compatibility with our full hitch  and attachment  ranges.

Quality First. Customer Focused.

Standard Serated Edge

Standard Serated Edge - Every Harford Hydraulic Thumb has a serrated edge as standard to ensure maximum grab performance.


Our cylinders are robust and selected for optimum performance throughout their working lifetime from Harford approved suppliers.

Standard Hardened Pin

Standard Hardened Pin - All Harford Hydraulic Thumbs are supplied with a process-hardened pin which slots through the quickhitch and thumb mounting point, ensuring a secure fit.

Thumb Frame

Thumb Frame / Body - Harford select only the highest quality materials and components for their premium grade attachments.

As with all of our products we have taken a quality first, customer focused approach when developing our hydraulic thumb range. This means we can offer customers a choice of specifications for any make and model of excavator from 1-9T operating weight. Giving you the ability to select the right solution based on your needs.

After working alongside customers across the world during product development, we recognized that when it comes to hydraulic thumbs, one size does not fit all. That’s why we offer a choice of specification options to our customers, making sure you get the right tool for the job every time.

We’ve outlined the different specification options available in more detail below.

Our ‘Standard’ thumb option is the perfect selection for customers who need a premium quality thumb attachment with a short lead time at a competitive price. Featuring a pressure release valve as standard, premium quality steel build and weld-on mounting plate, the ‘Standard’ thumb package gets your machine with a Harford thumb as quickly as possible.

Our ‘Bespoke’ thumb option is for customers who desire a bespoke fit for their machine. Many models of excavator are supplied with a thumb mounting bracket already in-situ on the arm. Our Technical team will work with you to ensure your thumb is made to fit the pre-determined mounting point, thereby ensuring optimum performance and durability, avoiding the need to install additional mounting points or make alterations to existing ones




Machine Range

1 – 9T

1 – 9T

Hardened Hitch / Thumb Pin Included



Pressure Release Valve



Operation Format

Hammer line

Hammer line

Arm Mount

Universal weld-on plate

Bespoke fit to existing mounting point

Measurement / Confirmation Required?


(Form available HERE)

Lead Time

23 weeks from order

4-6 weeks from measurement confirmation

For all enquiries contact our dedicated and friendly Sales Team on 01603 403099
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