Harford Uni-Lok & Tilt Couplers Debut in US

Hot US Debut for Harford Uni-Lok & Tilt Couplers

The fantastic Demo Expo ICUEE in Louisville, Kentucky was the venue for the US debut of the Harford hydraulic Uni-Lok and Tilt Couplers in USA.

Soaring temperatures served to fire up the record-breaking crowd’s enthusiasm for our innovative attachment solutions.  As a result, Harford Technical Manager, Mark Thorne, was on hand to showcase the Uni-Lok and Tilt Coupler  in operation so that the crowd were left in no doubt about the unique safety features and quality workmanship built in to a Harford product.  Mark was supporting our customers, Kato Compact Excavators, who have a long association with Harford, because they are keen to expand their attachments offering.

Safe, Secure, Solid

The hydraulic Uni-Lok has already established an excellent reputation in UK and Europe.  For instance, its durability, reliability and ease of operation plus its unique safety features put it head and shoulders above other hitches on the market. When we ask our customers.

Q) “What do you really want from our attachments?”. The prevailing response is:

A) “Safe, secure, solid products with a long life and easy maintenance regime because time is money and we want the best return on our investment.”

Their superior build quality means that all Harford branded attachments meet these criteria, so you can be sure you’re buying the best.  After all, we need to give our customers what they want!  Don’t be tempted to buy inferior couplers, a Harford product will outlast the competition several times over and repay you in spades.  We have located Harford couplers out there which were bought 12 years ago and they’re still going strong!

Improved Productivity & Performance

Q)  Do you want to see a drastic improvement in your excavator’s performance and productivity?

A)  Try combining any one of the Harford Couplers with a class-leading Kinshofer tilt motor and you have a top quality Tilt Coupler with class-leading torque and a full 180 degree tilt.  This means that you don’t have to keep on changing attachments every time you have a different application.  The Tilt means you can do more than one job with the same bucket!  Sounds good?  Sales of these units are on the up in UK and Europe and we fully expect the US market to follow the trend.   Tilt Coupler options are available on our manual Pro-Lok and dedicated Safelock couplers too.

Supporting our Customers

We were delighted to be at ICUEE supporting our longstanding customer, Kato Compact Excavators in the expansion of their attachments range. We look forward to building on that close relationship in the future.  We really do have a great reputation for customer service. Combine that with our fantastic product range and you won’t go wrong calling Harford for all your excavator attachment requirements

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