The Benefits of Owning a Harford Hydraulic Coupler

Hydraulic couplers and pin-grabbers are increasingly popular for use with a wide range of construction equipment. However, many people are still unaware of all the benefits and convenience these excavator attachments can offer their fleets.

In this article, we’ll cover the key benefits of hydraulic pin-grabbers, how their performance directly benefits your construction business, and we’ll introduce you to the fully hydraulic Harford Uni-Lok®.

Having the Uni-Lok® hydraulic pin-grabber as an integral part of your inventory will straight away enhance your excavator’s performance, improve productivity through reduced machine downtime and preserve the operator from on-site injury due to its in-cab attachment change system. This unique combination of productivity and safety benefits add up to a solid and tangible return on investment.

Easy to install

The Harford hydraulic operating system is easy to install, with full step-by-step instructions and a comprehensive fitting kit supplied with each unit. Check out this video  to see just how easy it is.

Easy to operate

The primary benefit of running Harford Uni-Loks® is the pure convenience they offer the operator. The entire attachment change process is completed from within the cab, making it quicker, easier and safer than mechanical alternatives.  Operators are no longer required to exit the cab to change a bucket – the whole process is completed using just one electric switch, integrated into the dash of the cab.

In direct contrast, a mechanical pin grabber or coupler requires attachments to be changed manually by the operator outside the cab, affecting productivity with increased machine downtime, and giving rise to potential injury from hazardous operations on large sites.

Easy to maintain

The Harford Uni-Lok® simple, regular maintenance routine guarantees many hours of uninterrupted operation.  The superior build-quality results in a consistently reliable product, perfect for rental fleets looking to maximise both machine productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

The Harford Uni-Lok® has a successful, proven track record over 7 years of manufacture within USA, UK and European markets. It is consistently reliable, safe and extremely effective across a wide range of applications.

Improved operator safety

The Harford Uni-Lok® incorporates a unique set of safety features which are designed to give operators an opportunity to shift their focus and adopt a different approach to site safety.  With operators remaining safely inside their cab when switching attachments, they are much less likely to be exposed to hazardous operations on busy sites and physical injuries to hands, feet or back muscles.

The operator is always fully in control of the attachment change with the Harford Uni-Lok® system. Our innovative design incorporates a double locking wedge mechanism and two separate visual safety indicators which confirm that attachments are securely engaged.

The Uni-Lok® manufacturing process has built-in flexibility to accommodate requirements for hybrid couplers, ensuring that it can pick up all of your existing attachments. This translates into potentially big savings by negating the need for a complete new set of inventory.

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