Safelock Quick Hitch Keeping Your Digger Buckets Secure

]On-site security, particularly attachments theft, is a major headache for contractors. It’s not just the big equipment which goes “walkies” it’s the little things which can have a huge impact on your day.  At Harford, we want to help you solve this problem to reduce unnecessary downtime and retain profitability.

Keep Your Buckets Secure

The Harford Safelock can help keep your attachments secure. With its own dedicated set of attachments, no-one operating a conventional generic quickhitch can “borrow” your buckets, keeping your attachments secure.  It is our best selling, dedicated quickhitch and designed specifically for 1-8 tonne excavators. Want to be sure your dedicated buckets stay with your excavator all the time? You can now specify a set of Hook Buckets for your Safelock. These not only fit your Safelock and no other generic quickhitch, but the clue is in the name – they’re shaped to Hook onto your Ditching or Grading Bucket so you can move your buckets around site all together.

Easy Operation

Super easy to operate, Safelock has proven an unbeatable choice for Rental fleets in particular. After all, you need the machine working for you without having to deliver a full-blown operator’s course. Add to that Safelock’s premium build quality and there are no breakdowns to deal with either.  Plus you’ll be sure to get the attachments back with the excavator at the end of the hire period, so the machine is all good to go on the next hire. This tough, quality quickhitch will outperform and outlast any spring-type equivalent – FACT!

Safe as Houses

The high safety specifications of the Safelock include a built-in safety indicator which shows the operator when buckets are securely engaged and safe to use. Once the safety indicator is in the correct position, you have complete peace of mind that the bucket will not fall off.  Secondly, Safelock has an integral operating handle, meaning no safety pin is required; so no missing parts either! Yet another great feature, making Safelock an unbeatable quickhitch in its class.

Safelock Tilting Coupler

We now offer Safelock as a Tilting Coupler. With class-leading torque it can move through a full 180 degrees. It also has the customary low maintenance regime which customers have come to expect from a Harford product.

Win a New Quickhitch!

We recently launched a competition to find the oldest Harford Quickhitch or Coupler still in service, in the World. We’ve found customers who bought Harford Quickhitches in the early 2000’s and they’re still going strong! Those units will have cost the owner less than £1 per week to run, making it a very affordable, quality piece of kit – it’s a no brainer! Check out your fleet for Harford quickhitches you could win a new one! Get in touch for more information.

We love simple solutions and always have the operator in mind when designing products. You’d go a long way to beat a Harford Quickhitch!

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