How Harford help you navigate the Mechanical -v- Hydraulic quick hitch conundrum

The age-old question, “Which is best, hydraulic or mechanical? Pin Grabber or Dedicated? What are the

Which Quick Coupler is best for Excavator and Digger Buckets

Harford are well versed in these types of questions and have developed a systematic approach to helping customers identify which quick hitch is the best fit.

Very often customers have already decided what type of hitch they want to buy before they get in touch, but the Harford Sales Team are always ready to offer some advice or reassurance about the various products and options available.

We recently launched a free website tool to help navigate what can be a tricky decision process; you can find it here
Use the Coupler Finder

Sometimes it can be a journey which starts with selecting a mechanical hitch for reasons of simplicity and price point, with the progression towards the hydraulic option as your business grows and the requirements for less machine downtime whilst changing attachments become ever more prominent. One such example of how the Harford-Customer relationship develops is that of Ben Burgess, a Norwich-based Yanmar Main Dealer.

Ben Burgess and Harford Attachments

Ben Burgess, a longstanding customer, first selected Harford quick hitches for ¾ to 14T excavators many years ago. Starting with Pro-Lok, the double-locking mechanical wedge-style hitch and latterly its fully hydraulic brother, the Uni-Lok. Both are fully compatible for either Plant Hire or Fleet Sales and are used by Ben Burgess in their own hire fleet.

Being early adopters of the hydraulic Uni-Lok quick hitch back in 2015 as Hitachi Dealers, Ben Burgess quickly recognised the huge benefits of being able to change buckets and attachments quickly and safely from the confines of the excavator cab, using just one switch.

This simple operation enables excavator operators to complete most construction or landscaping jobs without the need for an extra pair of hands, or eyes – great news in the current labour market. The built-in safety indicator is visible from the cab so operators can be confident that attachments are secure. Uni-Lok provides fantastic ROI as machine downtime is minimised with an automatic attachment change. Now Yanmar Main Dealers, Ben Burgess continue to specify the Harford brand of attachments recognising them
as a reliable partner for their Hire Fleet. The consistent premium build quality and on-time delivery to the point of need coupled with a full manufacturer’s product warranty, means machines go out with the best
equipment. Harford also hold a comprehensive parts inventory and provide excellent technical resources, including quick coupler fitting and bespoke certified training.

You can see a Uni-Lok hydraulic quick hitch working here

All Harford quick hitches and couplers are offered with an option to upgrade to a Tilting version. The Harford Tilt Couplers give a full 180-degree swing and the tilt motor with class leading torque takes grading and landscaping jobs to a whole new level. See a Harford Uni-Lok Tilt Coupler in full swing at

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