Harford Attachments Couple with New Takeuchi Dealer, Mervyn Lambert Plant Hire

Takeuchi Dealership - Mervyn Lambert - Uni-Lok

Newly appointed Takeuchi Dealer, Mervyn Lambert Plant Hire, recently took delivery of the first batch of Takeuchi mini-excavators, fully kitted out with Safelock® couplers and buckets, the best-selling Dedicated system from Harford Attachments.

Harford and Mervyn Lambert Plant Hire have a longstanding relationship being two Norfolk-based family businesses who have grown and expanded together over the years. From plant and tool hire to haulage, Lamberts have established a solid local reputation for the quality of their new and used
equipment sales, and repairs and are also a Doosan dealer.

They have consistently specified Harford Safelock® and buckets for their ¾ to 9T rental machines, over the many years that Harford have manufactured the couplers.

Ed Morley,Plant Manager at Mervyn Lambert Plant Ltd says

“When you’re running a large plant hire fleet, machines need reliable, durable attachments to withstand the toughest of jobs and long hours. 

The Harford Safelock® system is the best fit for our own machines and our customers’ rental fleets; it’s so easy to use and maintain, zero tools required, the buckets are inter-changeable within the fleet and it gives great ROI with such a long service life.”

Some of Harfords team went across Norfolk to Mervyn Lambert HQ on a typically English day – snow, sideways rain, gusting winds and a temperature to suit! See this short video below for an insight of how the two companies work together. 

Safelock for rental fleets

Safelock Quick Hitches - Digger Buckets UK
Many plant hire companies specify Harford Safelock® couplers and buckets for their machines due to its ease and pure simplicity. Safelock® is a dedicated system which picks up its own dedicated buckets; this makes it the ideal choice for a mixed rental fleet, as buckets are interchangeable between machines, regardless of their brand or make. The Safelock® coupler is manually operated, and buckets are changed quickly and easily using a 2-step procedure which doesn’t involve any tools.

In summary, operators:

1. Lift the safety locking pin on the top of the Safelock® coupler,
2. Pull the safety handle out to the side of the coupler, and the bucket will release.

Simply reverse this procedure to mount the next bucket or attachment and get back to work –
couldn’t be simpler! To see this in action, check out the video resources on the Harford website at www.harfordattachments.co.uk/safelock/

Uni-Lok on Takeuchi Excavators

A new addition to the Mervyn Lambert fleet and offered as part of their machine attachments packages, is the Harford Uni-Lok®, a fully hydraulic double-locking quick hitch with OEM standard bucket pick-up. Already well established in the market and used by OEM’s, dealers and end-users, Uni-Lok® is operated using just one switch located in the dash of the cab enabling attachments to be changed safely and quickly without any need for manual intervention outside of the cab environment.

Its built-in safety features including a double-locking wedge mechanism and a safety indicator visible from the cab, give operators total confidence that attachments are locked on and safe to use.

The Uni-Lok® is supplied with all the kit required for a successful installation including detailed instructions. Harford also offer a nationwide fitting service site by one of their trained engineers and certified training for dealers and their fleet engineers. All fitters at Mervyn Lambert have undergone Harford certified training in Uni-Lok® installation and maintenance to ensure they have all the
knowledge required to give their customers the best service.

All Harford quick hitches and couplers have automatic wear compensation and Harford offer spare parts to prolong the service life of all their quick hitches. A list of parts can be found and specified on the Harford website, along with full details of the standard 2-year warranty.

Grease is the word! A simple maintenance regime is a huge advantage of owning a Harford quick hitch or coupler. Harford recommend adopting a weekly checklist of basic jobs which include keeping the product clean and free from debris, dirt and checking for any damage, checking the pin
retainers, nuts and bolts are tight and greasing any slide points for optimal service over a long service. This will also give a great Return on Investment.
With their reputation for build-quality and customer service, Harford are proud to work with Dealers across the UK, supplying buckets and special attachments for ¾ to 14T excavators. All Harford quick hitches and couplers are offered with an option to upgrade to a Tilting version.

The Harford Tilt Couplers give a full 180-degree swing and the tilt motor with class leading torque takes grading and landscaping jobs to a whole new level. Paired with a Harford Scandinavian style grading bucket, the
reinforced side plates give added strength, and the sleek profile enables even swifter movement through ground and consequently quicker release of material than that of a conventional grading bucket.

Check out the Harford Tilt Coupler in full swing at www.harfordattachments.co.uk/tilting-coupler/

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